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Jun, 2021

Coerver Fort Wayne Indiana Indoor Soccer Skills Training Program Registration Open Now for Winter 2


Fall Travel Season is Finished and you are signed up for Winter Futsal and Winter Indoor Soccer with your school or your club. Are you ready for Coerver Fort Wayne to help you get that starting position that you want to get on the team? Soccer Skills Training with Coerver Coaching is Individualized Training that will help you develop as a player and make your own style of play and fill in the gaps in Soccer Training that may have developed as you have trained in tactical training sessions with your other teams. Club teams and High School teams, College Teams and Professional Teams all have a limited amount of time to train tactically for the games that they play and the tournaments that they participate in. Tactics only work when the techniques can be performed by players predictably and at the right time under pressure, even then there are X factors which make winning games hard to do.  Coerver Coaching will help you develop both as a team player who can combine with other players when the situation demands it and also be able to go it alone, when you have the ball up in front of the goal and you are all alone. We work in small groups of players and we train the technical aspects of the game: Striking the ball with different parts of the foot, one-touch passing, one touch finishing with different parts of the body, aerial control of the ball with the head, chest, thigh, instep, laces and heel. We train over 160 soccer skills and movements so that you can have different moves to use in different areas of the pitch and under different levels of pressure. We train the anaerobic energy system which is very key in soccer whenever you actually have the ball and are manipulating it. We train the mentality of wanting to keep the ball, this means that we get it back as quickly as we can when we lose it, and we work as a team to make sure that the other team has the ball for as short a time as possible. When we get the ball back, we want to score as quickly as possible, but intelligently. We would love to work with you and make you a better player so that you can get out there and win your club games, your futsal games, your indoor games and all of life. Sign up today at or give us a call/text at : 260 797 1127 or [email protected] We will work with you to help you figure out when to train on your schedule so that you can keep working with your teams, while you improve as an individual.

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